Toledo Navy Week

From the glorious sailing ships of yore to the nuclear powered ships of today, United States naval ships have protected our waters and assisted our allies. Since the inception of our nation, control of our waters have been paramount in safeguarding our land.
In a country where 90% of our imports arrive by sea, maritime security is an integral part of our economic welfare. Our naval fleets and forces are key elements in humanitarian assistance and disaster response.

The US Navy is coming to Toledo for Navy Week. This is in honor if the War of 1812's bicentennial. Four naval and Coast Guard ships and a re-creation of one of the oldest ships will be the focus of this week long event. This exciting event will have plenty of activities to participate in, including meeting and talking with Navy members, visits to schools, Navy Band music concerts, and tours of the vessels which begin on Aug. 24. The USS De Wert, HMCS Ville de Quebec, Coast Guard cutter Mobile Bay, USS Hurricane, and U.S. Brig Niagara will cruise along the Maumee River and stop along the Water Street docks and International Park for the event week.

The ships will be in Toledo August 23-26.

What Toledo Navy Week Is

Navy weeks are held throughout the country at staggered times of the year to bring awareness of the navy’s role in our national security and how it helps communities. Begun in 2005, navy week brings our naval personnel ashore so that they can interact with the people at home: meeting key leaders in the area, visiting high schools and performing community service projects. They even entertain with their naval bands and by participating in sporting events.
Toledo navy week is included in a short list of 15 cities in 2012, where navy and naval representatives will tour Toledo with keynote speakers, compete in sports events, perform music with their navy bands and host a series of other events. Crew members from our namesake ship (the USS Toledo) will attend.
Naval ships will also be coming to port for viewing and even some for tours, including a replica of the Niagra, which was one of the ships that fought to give control of Lake Erie back to the United States in the Battle of Lake Erie.
To see a more detailed list of what will happen in Toledo Navy Week, see our Toledo Navy Week Events section.

When is Toledo Navy Week?

This year is an important year for Toledoans, as it marks the bicentennial anniversary of The War of 1812, in which the Battle of Lake Erie was such a key element to our victory.

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